Synth is a tall youthful woman (Mid 20s in apperance) usually with a mischievous smile but she is pretty expressive. Her hips are a bit underwhelming but fine. Her cloak, especially on the right sideopening varies a bit, depending on the artist. Her original design is created by me.

>Synth's canon design is drawn by Nue Hakase however her physical streaming form is primarily 3D with a LIVE2D variant model.>Height wise she is considered tall but she is shorter than Meena and Nunessa in comparison. Her breast size varies depending on the artist but she's usually small to medium sized.>Synth is a bisexual character that leans more towards women.>Her design inspirations are Bishoujo Chucky, Matilda Matisse, and Alex Delarge.

????????????⭐ Original design: Me

2D reference sheet art: Nue Hakase ⭐ Original design: Me

3D model: AcidicDoll ⭐ Outfits: Me

3D model: AcidicDoll ⭐ Outfits: unxxxc

3D model: AcidicDoll ⭐ Outfit: Me ⭐ Hat model: ayuyatest (With edits by me and Meena)

2D alt outfit reference & design of: NueHakase_

Live2D form: Unxxxc

The first initial design art drawn: Me